Snapshots With A Punch will help you learn how to take your ordinary everyday snapshots and give them a PUNCH. Geared toward MWACs (Moms With a Camera) and Mommarazzis, Snapshots With A Punch will teach you very simple yet effective methods to make your snapshots pop.

Applications taught include:
- Photoshop Elements
- Adobe Camera Raw
- Photoshop Organizer
- Picasa
- Creating a blog with Blogspot

- Uploading to your favorite processor
- Saving files in an orderly fashion

Consulting sessions may take place in home or via phone. Contact Tiffany Casey at snapshotswithapunch@gmail.com for an appointment.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

I was talking to my DH today...

about the passion with which the pro-post processing (PPP) and the anti-post processing (APP)camps disagree. He isn't interested; he thinks RAW is something best left for sushi bars, and ADOBE is a maker of fine bricks. But he did say, quoting Dirty Harry, 'a man has to know his limits'. He also said that all things are better when there is a healthy dose of diversity.

The old adage that one should enjoy the journey, instead of focusing on the destination has been tweaked by MWACs, in that we now critique the method by which others travel. That makes no sense; there has to be room for diversity. Our goal should be to create the best pictures we can, regardless of how we get them.

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